Are you looking for a personal financial advisor in Sarasota, Florida?

Finding the best financial investment partner in the Sarasota area can be difficult.

At Larry Allan, we believe “traditional” investment methods used by many financial firms continue to play a major role in the demise of people’s savings.  Typically, each individual’s funds are pooled with other customers’ accounts into one big pot.  Investment purchases are often made when market values are too high... and sold when prices are too low.  Instead of exceeding Wall Street Indexes, they underperform.  Plus, it can be hard to determine how much financial advisors are actually charging for their services.

Larry Allan developed a unique Personal Financial Wellness approach so you can stay well-informed, experience better-than-average performance and achieve financial peace of mind.  We provide up-close and personal attention by focusing on Sarasota and Manatee County residents.  And we maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio, unlike many larger firms that focus on volume and getting more customers.  So we are able to make personal investment decisions that are unique for each individual.

Please, take a moment to ask yourself the questions on our "About You" page to determine if you’re already financially fit. And, if you’re not, continue reading to find out if Larry Allan might be right for you. It could change your life forever.

Personal Financial Wellness
20 Years’ Experience Building Net Worth

What Larry Allan clients in Sarasota County have to say...

" I didn't know the first thing about investments--just that my 401k always seemed to be losing money!  Larry spent time with me, educated me on the stock market and explained financial planning in simple easy-to-understand terms.  Now my porfolio's assets are growing and I have confidence when discussing financial matters."  -- Leslie J.  (Sarasota, Florida)

" At age 56, I found myself with depleted savings and little hope for a normal retirement.  Larry Allan has turned that around and is netting me double-digit percentages -- far exceeding Wall Street's performance."  -- Susan M. (North Port, Florida)

" My last financial investment company was charging me 5 percent every time they bought and sold $10,000 worth of stocks.  Larry Allan doesn't charge me on trades, so my money goes further and earns more."  -- Robin N.  (Englewood, Florida)