Personal Financial Wellness
20 Years’ Experience Building Net Worth

• If your current investments are underperforming the overall market...
We can improve your performance! Ask if you qualify for a free
Larry Allan Performance Analysis.

• If you’re looking for a way to grow your investments tax-free,
maintain an emergency fund, and withdraw these investments
tax-free during your retirement years...
A Roth IRA may be the best solution for you. Call us today for details!

• If you currently have a 401k account from a previous employer
and are not sure what to do next...
We can help you open, transfer and manage your tax deductible Rollover IRA account.

• If you are a self-employed business owner or entrepreneur looking for a tax-free investment opportunity similar to a 401K for you and/or your
Talk to us about opening and managing your tax deductible SEP IRA

If you are a parent looking for an effective method to
save for your child’s education...
We can assist you in opening and managing a tax deductible
(UGMA/UTMA) Custodial IRA account. Your child will grow
his or her savings, initially tax free, and then at a reduced
children’s tax rate. Investments can be withdrawn without
penalty for qualified education expenses.

If you are a Canadian looking for assistance with your RSP and TFSA’s...
Let us help you open and manage these investment accounts as well.

We offer a wide range of financial services.
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